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What are we capable of doing with Wix?

Here's an extensive list of some of the services we can offer you or offer to your Wix customers!

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Velo Certified

Custom Wix Solutions

Multiple locations on google map
Show multiple locations on one single google map
Saving search parameters across multiple pages
Go back to the search page and keep your search filters from before
Dark Mode
Save your users eyes, allow them to enable dark mode
Toggle State
A toggle button can change the state of an image, text and more
reCAPTCHA within forms
Add reCAPTCHA to your forms to prevent bots from filling up your inbox
Image/Text Animations
Animate your text/Images with Velo
Custom Menu Bars
Produce a Mega Menu or Custom Drop Down Menu
Collapsible and Expandable elements
Expand/Collapse/Show/Hide any Wix element based on the condition
Questionnaire/Quiz App
Build out a Questionnaire or Quiz that allows you to collect data or test the user
Build a quote tool
Provide instant quotes to your end users
Search Functionality
Add Filters, Queries and Data to your page to allow users to search items inside a collection
Using RETS build a real estate website to show your users MLS listings
3rd Party API’s
Depending on the API, documentation would need to be provided
Dynamic Pages based off the data inside of a collection
Dynamic Pages are great for pages that are commonly repeated
Custom Forms
Powerful data collecting forms that can track all your user inputs
Text Automations using Twilio
Send texts to your users! Customer needs to register and pay for twilio themselves
Email Automations with Wix
Using triggered emails, send your users emails depending on the action they do on your site
Database Migration
Bring over data from an external database to a Wix Collection
Special Event Functions
When a user clicks, hovers, moves or changes a element. Trigger a special function.
Personalized Login/Registration System
Custom Registration to collect any field needed.

Wix Stores Custom Solutions

Custom Store Filters
Add store filters to your e-commerce site to easily navigate through your products
Product Configurator
With a product configurator the user can select multiple different preset's of a product while building their own custom product based on the combination they choose
Product Reviews Section
Allow site members to review your products
Upsell Products
Inside of the cart upsell your products to drive more revenue for your business
Bulk Add to Cart
A button in which can add multiple items to a cart as a group rather than adding each individual item
Back In stock Notifications
Notify customers when an item is back in stock
Low In Stock Notifications
Notify customers when an item is low in stock
Triggered Lighboxes
Display a lightbox when a user has a set amount or item in their cart
Wishlist Functionality
Allow users to save their favorite items to their profile
Related Items Section
Display to customers a set of items similar to the one they have chose
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